BreakOut Rooms in the Education Learning Commons

Welcome to the Education Learning Commons Booking System.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select the room you would like to use and press the continue button at the bottom of the page.

Breakout Room #1

This room has a SMARTBoard 6000 series Interactive Flat Panel and will accommodate 10 to 12 learners.

*SMART Board works with Mac or PC.

Breakout Room #2

This room will accommodate 3-4 learners and has a Smartboard and desktop computer with both MAC and PC sides available.

*Please note that only the PC side will work with the Smartboard. Additionally, Notebook software is tentatively down in this Breakout Room. Consider another one of our three available Breakout Rooms if the Notebook Software is needed.

Breakout Room #3

This room is currently unavailable for booking. Please see the other rooms for availability.

Breakout Room #4

This room has a 600 series SMART Board and accommodates up to 6 learners.

*SMART Board works with Mac or PC.